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I've officially reached the end of my search for the best espresso in the city. Done.
It's right here, at Espresso Fino.

There are so many good things about this local gem. The owner (Greg) really cares about crafting the best espresso and will happily customize your drink. Greg is really a great guy who truly cares about getting to know his customers. I've stopped by a couple times now, and haven't had a problem finding seating, even during busy times. The space is cute and cozy, light and bright. The star of the show is the espresso, but they also offer some pastries from New Mexico Pie Company that are indulgently tasty.    Danielle D.

Had to take a break for awhile from my quest for excellence due to all the mediocrity out there, but yesterday, I found the Pot O' Gold.

I'd read all the outstanding reviews of Espresso Fino, so I had to try it. I needed a kick so I ordered a brew with a shot. It was quite tasty and really did the job. The owner, Greg Flores, came in and I introduced myself. We discussed his espresso and he demonstrated great knowledge of the special liquid. He gave me a sample of an Americano which was extremely smooth, lots of crema and overall outstanding. Greg is so gracious, sincere and welcoming. No pretentiousness here. I have to say, he brews the best coffee in ABQ!    Pat Z.

I wish Espresso Fino was located where I live in Washington, D.C.

Greg pulls amazing expresso shots and is an expert at creating a welcoming, no attitude, enjoyable place to sit with a friend or just read and relax solo. If you have the choice to go here, go!    Alana H

THE BEST espresso I've had in years.

Has to be the best in Albuquerque. I don't know how Greg (and his employees) do it, but they do it extremely well. The place is always busy. All us customers can't be wrong.
[PS: Yes, it's street parking but there is a very lengthy yellow curb where you can park, right in front, for the time it takes to get your order filled. I've never had to feed a meter. If you want to stay for a while and chat/read, inside or outside, I would think you would have to take a metered parking space, just to be considerate of others who just want to quickly stop and go.]    Frances R

Yummmmmm!!!! I'm originally from the Seattle area, so I know my coffee ☻ 

About a year ago we moved to the middle of nowhere **** of Texas and I feel like I haven't had a good cup of coffee since, until today!!! On a road trip with my little fam, yelped and this place came up, and wow!! I loved it here!!! Reminded me of home ☻ I didn't have to explain what I wanted, I just ordered and they knew what I was talking about. The coffee is excellent, baristas know what they are doing, owner is a sweet dude, and the atmosphere is awesome!!! It gets this native Seattlite's seal of approval 100% ☻    Teresa P

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